Every New Whole Usual Will Die

by The New Whole Usuals

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"It was like they were reading my diary when they were writing this album" ~ Music She Blogged
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"The New Whole Usuals have returned, and once again they have made an album that defies easy categorization."
~ Bullz-Eye
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"Each song brings something new and different, each one leaves you wondering what else can they do?."
~ Bandvibe.com


released September 22, 2009

Produced by Andrew Dolfie & Daniel Scobey
Engineered & Mastered by Daniel Scobey for ITC Productions, Nashville, TN



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ipso Phanto
1) Ipso Phanto: the “oh hopeless triumph”

flick the switch. turn it off. you are melting away, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. they are rotten lies. they are same old lines. they are empty eyes. they are murder mind. they are burning spires. they already won. hey, trade it away. get you another day. isn’t it funny? is this what you wanted?
Track Name: Moonswell
2) moonswell. The spelling of disaster. Which spells M.O.O.N. That spells disaster. But all’s well that ends swell.

I saw the moon fall right out of the sky. where was I? gettin by. kept coming bigger into view. and where were you? laying down with everyone you knew? making up the bed? and then you too. desperately suffering and breaking blue? you can always blame it on the moon. where were you reading at starbucks or lifting weights or something lame like that? I wanna go home. there goes the moon.
Track Name: Gladius
3) when Gladius was a kid-boy here is what he did. warts. why would everything look so ugly to even a little boy-him? him a mannish boy. man-boy. warts. cradling the world there in his clear-empty hands. clear as there at that clear precipice over there at the end a’ him-history. there. warty hands. man-boy.

gladius you’re a wicked man. you locked sissy in the freezer with the meat. you wanted to make sissy blue again like when she came out of momma’s belly choking on umbilical, your blue angel just for you. your momma couldn’t look at you again. your daddy took three fingers in the wood shed and told her bout the “accident.” you liked to dig a pencil in the sore spot. you liked it when it turned blue, maybe she kissed you? maybe she still sees you; maybe she’s still with you, your blue angel, just for you. oh draino anew. this is the real of your emptying. a holy hold up. nothing. and we don’t know If? What? This was? because of you
Track Name: Anxiety I
4) anxiety-the cloud of unknowing and the inevitable sometimes of awful mistake.

anxiety: to take a brick and bash the face of a totally random person. when I was nine I thought I heard someone call my name but it turns out it was just the devil talking to me. over the summer I went to a party, saw people riding a mechanical bull. sometimes I think maybe that people don’t really exist at all and perhaps one day I can wake up and live my real life. the soil sucked it in hardily as if a new old god wishing for an end that’s too far off. a mosquito bit his neck.
Track Name: William Blake and Ice 9
7) William Blake and Ice 9.

NEWS! transparadigmic order of. we messed around and lost our love. mandarin mountain tops we jumped across the order of. see the walls come crumbling down. see the mountains touch the ground. erupting windshield letting him out.
Track Name: High Fructose
8) high fructose corn syrup making you dream of electric sheep, late at night with the lilting of treasured loss and now you are holding the combined mass and inertia of your baby as the car smashes, thickly, to a dead, stop.
that was.
and from that day on the newscast, aired last on that day, became static left over from the big bang. and every baby came out blind as bats with hungry radar, s well, full or not, they couldn’t see what lay behind them.

born blind, born in blood. born in the time before the flood. i spent all my money at the company store waiting for a break in the storm. sharp your teeth and make the cut. this is right. wait with us. “really like your energy wanna take a bite out of ya’ we’re so glad you joined our team hopin’ that you’re stickin’ with us wanna take you home with me, we could build a life together you got that initiative that makes a winner.” in the year nineteen eighty-one the world went dark. oh what a joy just to be born. in the dark. in the flood. i’m in the dark.
“LOL! ‘the heretic’s fork?’ ‘the pear?!’ that’s so last year!” -model virtual- hikikomori. it’s only the body. oh! don’t expire, hey, what’s that hum? you’ll learn to beat that drum someday. “a race before the christmas party streak through the spot light and then its lips and rouge a crayon color have her once tonight because its stick her with the blood of numbers smell of summer sweat and you will rise to glory no one’s counting no one minds a bit. hey you got those good looks that woulda’ made em’ whither.” raise your cup and cut in line, tell the truth or make it up, but wait with us. the blind have seen the light. ha!
Track Name: Illusion Is Planet Proof
9) illusion is planet proof.

hold up. wait a minute. I gotta' get out to the mall. I wanna squash a little bug, mushing the guts out of this bug. wait up. wait a minute. gah! but I thought it wasn’t gonna' rain. I thought I couldn’t die again. I wanna take you to the Nile. Cause’ . And what is burning like a fire?
Track Name: See Jack Spill
10) see jack. see jack run. see jack spill.

Track Name: Anorexia
11) anorexia as portrayed by escape down a crowded stairwell.

Here have scribbling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b 74 19874 918324 184*&^%&*(@^$ )* )&*$^% (#&*!^% ^#!&*(^!*()&)_*(&_+ ()*&$#*(!@&#(*!&# !(*#@& (!*#& !(*#& !3 91873 (!*#@& 89 *!&# #6 
Track Name: Professor Id
12) [...fell deeper into chaos most no one noticed. Droves would grab a friend and flock to the dance halls. But some did find themselves staring into space not knowing why, unaware that what they sensed, what they almost glimpsed was the veiled wall at the end of history hanging there like waves of gasoline or heat on a desert horizon.]

[...some sweet girl, wrist clenched by a sister, or some indifferently dear friend, and then accompanied to the dance hall. All the while she feeling like something was awry, some vapid and quick moving thing, like everyone was about to die.]

-excerpts from the selected scrawlings of Professor Id

“These walls are burning and no one will yell fire, but listen close and you can hear them say ‘it’s always been this way’”

“Yeah they’re gonna’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ pull us out of line and string us up like pigs. Or we’ll do ourselves in! You really had me rollin’. ‘Its too late, it’s too late! ☺’

“You will soon evaporate into thin air. But before you’re gone, look here. Laugh at the funny man. Don’t turn your head away”

“C’mon’ man you’re such a kidder. I’m gonna’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ have to watch what you say. It’s always been this way.”

hey it’s not like I know it all.
Track Name: Abe's Cloud Machine
13) Abe’s Cloud Machine

if you burn up I won’t blame I always won’t. I wouldn’t turn on you if you do. I always won’t. Cause the same fate that holds you true will hold me too. You’re doin’ what’s right. Some of the time, but it always goes. and I’ve seen your light through the door at night. It always goes. I’ve been no angel for a long time. I know it goes.
Track Name: A Swiftly Tilting Planet
14) ??? her majesty, the royal guard of Eridu, and a swiftly tilting planet ???

but we can beat them. we’re building an army. an army you can’t see. war it is only living. Life it ends with a kiss . a kiss it is only death. and death
is only forgiveness.
Every New Whole Usual Will Die.
we’re building an army.
Track Name: Don't Worry We Will Always Be The Babies
15) don’t worry. we will always be the babies

you are one in a long line. that will go on for a long time, it’s all right. far and wide, from no source it comes, that which by all things are undone. it too is one. some serve it well and some rebel. would that it should end, but endings none can tell. all is well. you are one in a long line. that will go on for a long time. it’s all right.